This is how we have implemented the Danish "AdvokatKodeks"


Free legal aid

Offers free legal aid at IKIU

Performs legal assignments with a price reduction for charitable organisations, associations, etc.

Participates in voluntary work for associations and organisations - or grants a credit to the employees for voluntary work

Supports association activities, education or culture through scholarships, prize awards, etc.

Is a member of relief organisations, NGO's, humanitarian organisations or the like

Has worded guidelines against corruption

Grants donations for charity



Works with ethical guidelines within individual areas, e.g. clients, safeguarding of interests, cooperation partners, political work, gifts

Has internal guidelines for speculations, anti-money laundering, investments, tax speculation, etc.

Nunas Law Firm has internal anti-money laundering guidelines

Supervises case registration, internal random checks, etc.

Recommends anti-dispute solutions such as mediation



Describes how to meet the mandatory education requirements for lawyers

Offers professionally relevant supplementary education to all employee groups

Offers flexible employment conditions by way of flexitime, personal holiday planning, home office?

Has clear objectives and directions and communicates these to the employees

The employees have influence on their daily working life and the firm's development

Has students in traineeships

Designs the individual work stations with special focus on the employees' well-being

Holds social events



Highlights and explains the firm's values and their importance for the client

Measures and follows up on the client's satisfaction with the work

Highlights the firm's competencies to perform the tasks

Highlights the cases or issues which have been in the public interest? E.g. on the website

The client is assigned a personal adviser who will ensure a personal and direct service, regardless of the legal competencies drawn upon

Offers the client various possibilities of contacting the lawyer? E.g. a personal meeting at the lawyer or the client, online meetings, etc.

Describes the backup options offered to the client if the lawyer is prevented from attending


Not relevant for us due to the firm's size



Highlights the firm's values, views, politico-legal views, press statements, etc.

Offers the clients transparent time/case registration or specified bills

Highlights the firm's values, views, politico-legal views, press statements, etc.

Offers the clients transparent time/case registration or specified bills

Highlights the firm, the employees, memberships, areas of expertise, etc.

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