The Greenlandic Parliament has decided on an agreement on phase 1 of the reopening of Greenland. The main focus has been the questions regarding entering Greenland; including a date for the reopening and rules regarding quarantine and testing. The new guide lines were announced today.


The Greenlandic parliament has decided that phase 1 of the reopening of Greenland can begin the 15 June 2020, provided the infection pressure in Denmark is below 1, and that the people infected with COVID-19 in Denmark does not exceed 5 % of the population at the testing.

The new guide lines for phase 1 are especially relevant for the companies with employees outside Greenland that are waiting for clear rules on when their employees can enter Greenland.

Phase 1 of the reopening will take place on the following conditions:

  • A maximum of 600 passengers per week are allowed to enter Greenland.
  • Rules and recommendations related to COVID-19 in force still apply. The situation is under close monitoring and, if necessary, tightening of requirements may occur in the coming weeks.
  • When entering Greenland, the passenger must have documentation showing
  • a negative COVID-19 test that is no more than 5 days old, and
  • a confirmation on a filled-in Sumut-form.
  • When entering Greenland following rules for quarantine apply:
    • When arriving in Greenland the passenger must go in quarantine immediately.
    • The passenger must be re-tested of the 5th day after arriving in Greenland. If the test result is negative, the quarantine ends.
  • If a person shows symptoms of COVID-19 the person must be tested.


  • When leaving Greenland, documentation must be shown again at check-in (negative attest and filled-in Sumut-form). Failing to do so will lead to refusal of boarding the aircraft, and all expenses, including the stay in Greenland and a new ticket, will be at your own expense.

No information on phase 2 has been announced yet.

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