Due to the increasing number of people infected with COVID-19 the travel restrictions for arrival and quarantine in Greenland have been updated.

Greenland allows entry, provided that a negative COVID-19 test is demonstrated and a SUMUT form has been filled out.

The new additional restrictions affect persons arriving from Denmark, who prior to their travel to Greenland have stayed in a “red zone” municipality (having more than 30 new infected persons per 100,000). Upon arrival in Greenland, they are recommended to:

  • be re-tested on the fifth day after arrival, and
  • keep distance and completely avoid social events until it is verified by the test that the person is not infected with COVID-19.

The current status of the municipalities in Denmark can be found here.

The new restrictions also affect persons arriving from other countries. Persons traveling from countries that have been banned by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs must:

  • keep distance and completely avoid social events, public and private gatherings and other events – whether these take place indoor or outdoor, and
  • avoid staying in public institutions, in commercial premises open to the public as well as public and private nursing homes and hospitals (however, shopping for grocery and other essentials may be made, if they cannot be handled by others).

These directions must be observed until it is verified that the person is not infected with COVID-19. In order to verify that the person is not infected, the person must either be re-tested on the fifth day after arrival or observe the abovementioned directions for at least 14 days after arrival, provided they are free from symptoms.

The current banned countries can be found here.

Read more about the travel restrictions for persons who have stayed in a municipality in Denmark that has not “red” status and for persons traveling from a non-banned country on our website.

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