Family and inheritance law and generational change

Normally, your family is your closest and most intimate relationship. But the love your feel for your partner, your children, parents or siblings is not always a guarantee that everything will run smoothly.

Just as two business partners may disagree on a company´s operations, or the direction in which it should evolve, great and sometimes insurmountable disagreements may occur in families. This is often the situation in connection with divorce and inheritance.

The situation might build up and the involved parties end up taking opposite stands. If general mediation and common sense cannot solve the problems, one must resort to the law as the rational counterpart to hurt emotions and broken expectations. If the lines have been drawn so sharply that a reasonable dialogue is difficult or impossible for the parties, an experienced Attorney-at-law can help with the necessary advice and maybe get the dialogue back on track, or otherwise assist you if the case ends in court. OurAttorney-at-law Charlotte Pedersen is a certified mediator and she thus possesses both practical and theoretical expertise to offer conflict resolution.

We always recommend that conflicts of the above character be resolved amicably – and most preferably that they be prevented with timely care in the form of e.g. a marriage contract and/or a will. And even though it might not be the most inspiring issue to discuss before e.g. a marriage, it is a decision that is best taken beforehand while the relationship is good.

We have the experience to create an overview and to take into account the many eventualities to be considered when preparing e.g. a marriage agreement, will, settlement agreement etc.

Our advice aims to provide you with clear lines and a written record of rules that will prevent or settle disputes and doubts about e.g. a division of property after a marriage or the death of a family member.

If you face an upcoming planning and implementation of generational change in your company, thorough considerations regarding family and inheritance matters are essential for a successful generation change.

We have extensive experience with counselling in connection with generational change and in clarifying whether it is necessary to set up a marriage agreement or a will to ensure a successful generation change.

Please contact Attorney-at-law Charlotte Pedersen or Assistant Attorney Kista Høegh if you want to hear more about our expertise in family and inheritance law.