Employment law

The area of labour and employment law is becoming exceedingly more complex. We have Danish and Greenlandic workers, Faroese trawler skippers and people from Canada, Scotland, China and virtually anywhere in the world.

We also have Greenlandic legislation, Danish collective agreements and an abundance of more or less homemade employment contracts. Deciding which set of rules that apply in a given situation is not straightforward.

Nuna Law Firm has worked with employment law in Greenland for many years, and thus we have many years of experience in all aspects of employment and labour law.

We also have the expertise to assist in preparing employment contracts, and hence establish a specific, written basis for the employment, which reduces the conflict risk and increases the chances of settlement.

We provide assistance on the employer side, where we have represented a number of Greenland´s largest companies, municipalities and public authorities, as well as on the employee side, where we have assisted a number of labour organisations.

When we become involved in a labour law case, we always start by exploring the possibilities of resolving the conflict through negotiation. Attorney-at-law Charlotte Pedersen is a certified mediator and she thus possesses both practical and theoretical expertise to conduct conflict resolution.

If a conflict cannot be resolved through negotiation, we also have the expertise to take the case to court. Throughout the years, we have conducted a large number of litigation proceedings before the courts and we have built up extensive experience in litigation in employment law conflicts.

In addition to mediation and conflict resolution through the judicial system, we also provide our clients with counselling in connection with e.g. termination agreements, redundancies, expulsions, change of terms or employment contracts with the overall aim to provide our clients with the best possible counselling and to ensure the optimum fulfilment of our clients´ needs.

We focus on close cooperation and we prioritise an open approach to our customers.

Please contact Attorney-at-law Charlotte Pedersen or Assistant Attorney Kista Høegh for further information.