Corporate law

As the leading law firm for the Greenlandic business community, corporate law is one of our absolute core competencies. We assist with consultancy services within all phases of company development ‒ from start to finish, including establishment and inception, expansion, transfer and dissolution. We assist with management advice and investment changes.

We have the full overview of possibilities, limitations and pitfalls. Our assistance comprises anything from ownership agreements, group structures, corporate structures and the advantages and disadvantages associated with various types of organisation forms.

Greenland has its own separate corporate law and a number of regulations will differ from Danish legislation. Over the years, our work has provided us with a broad experience with company reconstruction, mergers, divisions, re-financing, divestments etc. ‒ just as we have experience with cessation of payments, bankruptcies and dissolution of companies in the best way possible for all parties.

An important part of our corporate law assistance is also to advise newly formed companies, to help entrepreneurs and start-ups getting started, to assist in finding venture capital, to design business plans, partner contracts etc.

Additionally, we hold seats as board members and board directors in a number of Greenlandic companies.

We create value for our clients and work pro-actively to present solutions before the company challenges become unmanageable.

Please contact Attorney-at-law Peter Schriver or Attorney-at-law Helen Kibsgaard for further information.