Nuna Law´s expertise in this area is absolutely unparalleled in Greenland, as Attorney-at-law Peter Schriver is probably one of the most experienced Attorney-at-laws in this field in the Kingdom of Denmark.

Peter Schriver has conducted a number of the largest payment suspensions and bankruptcy estates in Denmark (including KKS Entreprise, Svendborg Shipyard, the North Sea Shipyard and Århus Floating Dock) as well as in Greenland (e.g. S&G (contracts etc., Tasiilaq), Brdr. Lyberth (shipping company etc., Maniitsoq) and Qaqortoq Shipyard, just to name a few among many.

A bankruptcy is rarely beneficial to anyone ‒ while a suspension of payments may be so ‒ and it is always unfortunate when a company is on the verge of a bankruptcy, for the owners, for the creditors and last but not least for the employees and thus for the community in general.

When conducting a bankruptcy estate or a company on the verge of bankruptcy, we always seek to advise both creditors and business owners in order to secure the company´s values as well as possible ‒ for the benefit of all stakeholders of the company. And in this connection, we always start by exploring the possibilities for a company reconstruction with the aim to ensure the continuity of all or part of the activities, which will secure the values in the best possible way and at the same time secure the jobs in the company.

Over the years, we have conducted a large number of reconstructions both through the Bankruptcy Court ‒ voluntary or compulsory ‒ and through transfer for continuation under new management.

Besides administration of insolvent companies and bankruptcy estates, we also have extensive experience with debt collection.

We conduct direct, individual counselling as well as more standardised forms of debt collection, in which we, in cooperation with the district courts and the Court of Greenland, have a fixed procedure for the most appropriate conduction of debt collection, given the particular challenges we have in Greenland.

Please contact Attorney-at-law Peter Schriver or Assistant Attorney Thor Suhr for further information.