A lawsuit will always be the last option to resolve a conflict. Legal cases are typically unwanted, lengthy and often both resource-intensive and costly. Additionally, the outcome of a lawsuit is never given in advance, no matter how good a case you think you have.

Therefore, we always try to settle a conflict through a voluntary settlement before it ends in court, as this is usually in everyone´s best interest. Our Attorney-at-law Charlotte Pedersen is a certified mediator and she thus possesses both the practical and theoretical expertise to conduct conflict resolution.

When a settlement proves to be impossible, we bring the case to court ‒ whether it is the district court, the Court of Greenland, the High Court of Greenland or the courts of Denmark, depending on the jurisdictional requirements.

The initiation of a lawsuit can also be a strategic move to force a reaction and to start a dialogue, and fortunately, a lawsuit does not necessarily end in court. We work strategically, and we constantly consider the possible procedural document of our client and the possibility of concluding a settlement that can satisfy both parties.

Our Attorney-at-laws organise a litigation process as effectively as possible and always advise on the litigation risk related to a lawsuit. Regardless of the scope of evidence, lawsuits will nearly always be a product of the fact, that a case can be discussed, and the judgement be in favour of either side.

Therefore, proper representation is crucial when deciding whether to take the big step to file a lawsuit. The process must never become a process risk in itself.

Please contact Attorney-at-law Charlotte Pedersen or Attorney-at-law Kista Høegh Niclasen for further information.