Mineral Resources

A range of attractive and strategically important minerals are present in Greenland, and there is a considerable activity with exploration and exploitation projects within the mining industry.

Nuna Law Firm has solid expertise in the mining area in Greenland and has dealt with the area for more than 20 years. We assist many international mining companies and have been involved in most exploitation projects in Greenland.

We thus have many years of experience in advising on the legislative framework for mineral activities and an in-depth knowledge of the case processing, as well as the political system. We also have extensive experience with establishing joint venture collaborations, financing projects, etc. It has also given us great insight into industry conditions and a profound understanding of the challenges that mining companies work with.

We typically assist with advice concerning applying for exploration permits, exploitation permits, construction and closure permits, license terms, direct and indirect transfer of permits, etc. We also assist with the preparation of legal opinions, due diligence processes in connection with capital procurement and stock market listings, etc., as well as we assist with the preparation and negotiation of joint venture agreements, financing agreements and loan commitments, etc.

In relation to this, we also assist with related tasks regarding the establishment of companies in Greenland, corporate relationships, supplier contracts, employment relationships, residence, and work permits, etc. Moreover, we offer a “business address service” to registered Greenlandic companies and foreign companies registered with a fixed place of business in Greenland.

Please contact attorney-at-law Helen Kibsgaard or attorney-at-law Peter Schriver for further information.