Real estate and construction law

Implementation of a major contract or a construction project in Greenland is a performance in itself. The climatic conditions alone constitute challenges that are rarely found anywhere else, topped up by factors such as the Greenlandic legislation, labour supply, access to building materials etc.

As Greenland´s leading law firm, we are also leading in real estate and construction consultancy. Our expertise in the field includes the entire construction process, from initial investigations and screening prospects of potential collaborators, drafting of contracts, tendering rights and consortia formation ‒ including public/private partnerships (PPP).

We have accumulated many years of experience as a consultant in a large number of large, small and sometimes very complex construction projects, and in this connection, we have represented some of the largest contractors and builders. Additionally, over the years, we have conducted a large number of arbitration and litigation proceedings in construction and real estate.

We know the real estate sector and we have a wide-ranging and strong network among Danish, Greenlandic and international builders, contractors, project developers, the public housing association INI and the various public authorities with interests in the sector.

We work in the tension field between paragraphs and concrete, and although it is impossible to guarantee 100% that disputes will not arise in major construction projects, we are normally successful in solving minor problems before they grow large and expensive.

So whether it´s about real estate acquisition or a major construction project, we have the field expertise. We advise our clients in connection with professional, major and main contracts, turnkey contracts and consultancy contracts. We help with the planning and organisation of building cases, identify and hedge risks and participate regularly in the development of major building projects.

Additionally, we also work with the transfer and acquisition of real estate, applications for land allocation, etc. The specific conditions that apply to Greenlandic real estate are part of our DNA.

Please contact Attorney-at-law Peter Schriver, Attorney-at-law Charlotte Pedersen or Attorney-at-law Kista Høegh for further information.