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Basically it’s about law. And about people, relations, businesses and cases. Tasks that needs to be done. Businesses that needs to be councessel, Problems that needs to be solved. Grundlæggende handler det om jura. Basically it’s about law. And about people, relations, businesses, disputes and cases. Tasks that needs to be done. Businesses that needs to be councelled. Problems that needs to be solved.

But we live and work in Greenland, and a lot of things are not like you’d expect to find them in other parts of the world.

The conditions are different. Very different at times. In Greenland you have to take nature into consideration – regardless of whether you want to start a business, build a factory or play golf.

International businesses who wants to establish themselves in Greenland may find, that things like the local law and the mentality itself as well as the climatic conditions can call for brand new ways of thinking.

Greenland, e.g., may not be the best place in the world to build a chain of orchid nurseries.

And Greenland is not where you find the worlds largest concentration of specialists within biogenetic research.

Greenland is different – and Greenland has so much to offer, that you will not find anywhere else.

Greenland covers an area of 2.166.086 km2, of which 410.449 km2 is considered ice-free area. The remaining area, 1.755.637 km2 or approx. 85% of the total area, is covered by ice throughout the year.

In some places, the ice cap is up to 3 km thick.

The arctic climate means cool summers and cold winters, but the cool summers must be taken with a grain of salt. We often see that the temperature can rise to more than 20°C on summer days in Greenland.

Temperatures in Greenland generally fluctuate between +20°C and -40°C.

North of the Arctic Circle, which passes though Greenland at the latitude of Sisimiut, you can experience both the midnight sun and polar nights. The farther north, the longer periods of midnight sun and polar nights.

Greenland has a population of approx 56.200 people living in 16 small and big towns in West Greenland and 2 in East Greenland as well as a number of settlements. It corresponds to approx. 0,14 inhabitant per km2 in the ice-free part of the country.

Approx. 89% of the population is Greenlanders (Inuit and Danes of Greenlandic origin). About 72% of the population is between 15 and 66 years of age, and the overall workforce totals approx. 28.300.

In Greenland, 97% of all households have TV, there are about 11.700 internet connections, approx. 23.000 wired telephones and 56.000 mobile phones. The infrastructure is supported by i.a. a radio chain along the coast line, and the internet connection between Greenland and the rest of the world goes via a new sea cable to Iceland.

There are no roads between the towns and settlements, but almost 5.000 cars are registered in Greenland. Transport between the towns takes place by boat, ship, helicopter or aircraft.

Danish is the primary foreign language in public schools in Greenland comprising the 1st-10th grade. There are upper secondary schools in Aasiaat, Nuuk and Qaqortoq, where visiting pupils can stay at dormitories connected to the schools.

Greenland’s primary export businesses are fishing and tourism. Mining and raw material extraction are growth industries, and many international corporations work in Greenland with i.a. mineral exploration.

The traditional hunting culture is still maintained, though not as extensively as previously, and in all Greenlandic towns and settlements you still find the local market, “brædtet”, where the catch of the day of fresh fish, seals, birds, reindeer, musk oxen, whales and berries, etc. is sold.

Farming is also a business in progress in South Greenland, where potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, etc. are grown, and the area also has a large production of lambs.

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