Nuna Law Firm takes on two new partners and thus further strengthens its position as Greenland’s leading law firm.

It is with the greatest pleasure that Nuna Advokater can announce that attorney-at-law Kista Høegh Niclasen and attorney-at-law Thor Suhr will join the company as partners from 1 January 2023.

Kista and Thor joins the partnership together with attorney-at-law Helen Kibsgaard, attorney-at-law Charlotte Pedersen and attorney-at-law Peter Schriver.

Both Kista and Thor have been an essential and valuable part of the team of Nuna Law Firm for several years, and both are not only valued colleagues, but also excellent lawyers.

With the inclusion of Kista and Thor in the partnership, Nuna Law Firm strengthens the continuity of the company and is, if possible, even better prepared for the challenges of the future.