Covid-19 has evolved into a global health crises and challenges are starting to show in Greenland too.

Be prepared and consider in advance how to arrange matters when it comes to employees, customers, contractors and authorities with due consideration to local law.

In order to safeguard our clients’ interests, Nuna Law is ready to help in the best way possible with our Covid-19 task force. We have gathered various general recommendations for matters in Greenland below – always provided that you may have to deal with specific problems on the merits of each case.

Employees – absence / sick notes / quarantine in connection with Coronavirus

Absence from work in connection with Covid-19 shall be handled by the employer like any other absence in connection with illness. Be aware that employees cannot refuse to attend work due to fear of infection. However, if an employee is quarantined by the health authorities it is considered legally absence from work.

Business deals and commerce

In any contractual relationship it is relevant to look into the specific terms and conditions agreed upon between the parties. Under the present circumstances, it is particularly relevant to assess the provisions on “force majeure” and liability. Also, under Greenlandic law, general principles of “force majeure” may apply even, if there is no agreement in this respect.

Companies – general meetings and statutory deadlines

Statutory deadlines must still be observed. This means that general meetings must be held within statutory deadlines as the law does not leave any opportunity to postpone these, even if travel restrictions apply and physical presence by shareholders is impossible. Thus, general meetings must be carried though – e.g. by circular resolution or attendance may be made by proxy etc.

General precautionary measures

We recommend to consider to circulate internal policies on precautionary measures to employees, e.g. internal hygiene- and infection risk reduction policies, which may include remote workplaces from home.

Nuna Law task force

We keep us updated on the recommendations from the authorities in Greenland and Denmark and are ready to provide you with advice on your specific matters under local laws.

Please contact Attorney-at-law Peter Schriver (, Attorney-at-law Helen Kibsgaard ( or Assistant Attorney Thor Suhr ( for further information.