Non-Nordic citizens must have a work- and residence permit to work in Greenland. However, exceptions apply under certain conditions – for example in relation to raw material activities.

In addition, municipal permission is always required for certain job positions and job postings on – regardless of whether it is citizens from the Nordic countries or other countries.

The application process, from the right candidate being found to the person being able to start working, can seem long and inflexible, and as an employer there is a lot to keep track of – not least when the permits need to be extended.

Attorney-at-law Iris Ohms Jørgensen assists with the handling of and advice on the process of employing foreign labour. Do you want assistance with applying for municipal permits, fast-track approval and/or residence and work permits, etc. or if you have questions about the process, you are welcome to contact Attorney-at-law Iris Ohms Jørgensen by e-mail: or tel. 55 81 11.